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Give Sadaqah as Little as £10 for Food to Orphans and Needy

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Give Sadaqah to Help Orphans and Needy

What is sadaqah?

Give Sadaqah Cow, Goat, Sheep, Food and More...

Sadaqah soothes the Lord's anger and protects against a bad death. al-Tirmidhi, al Bayhaqi

Islam Freedom distribute a sacrificed animal as Sadaqah or provide orphans and most needy families with an animal that they have the opportunity to breed for sustainability, alternatively you can give cash for family provision (all admin fees included). View snapshots: Sadaqah photos

How can I help?

Give Sadaqah 1 month for a needy family food £30
Give Sadaqah a Whole Goat/Sheep £75
Give Sadaqah a Whole Cow £350
Give Water Hand Pump (Tubewell for fresh water) £200
Give a Sewing Machine to a Woman for £45
Widow/Orphan Support to meet the basic needs £20 a month
Give £1 for a meal to 100 most needy and orphans £100
Marriage Support to needy one young woman £150
Support Madrasah student £10 a month or £120 for a year

The benefit of Sadaqah

Sadaqah appeases the Lord's anger and averts an evil death.Tirmidhi
Give the Sadaqah without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.Tirmidhi
The believer's shade on the Day of resurrection will be his Sadaqah.Tirmidhi
Our Prophet (SAW) said: "Sadaqah extinguishes sin as water extinguishes fire. Tirmidhi

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