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Pay Fidya or Kaffarah

For Missed and Broken Ramadan Fasts

£3 per fast for Fidya
£180 per fast for Kaffarah

Pay your Fidya and Kaffarah for Missed Ramadan Fasts

People waiting in line for Food

The elderly and people with illnesses must compensate for every day of fasting they will miss, by feeding a poor person. There are two types of missed fasts, for any days missed through necessity Fidya is payable and for any days missed unnecessarily Kaffara is payable. Help and feed an orphan, elderly and extreme poverty. All admin fee included. View Ramadan snapshots: Fidya and Kaffarah Photos

What is Fidyah?

When someone cannot fast in Ramadan (due to ill health or pregnancy) they pay for someone else to be fed. To provide one person with two meals (£1.50 per meal). Islam Freedom suggest that £3 is paid for each fast missed, to feed the poor (If someone misses all the fasts of Ramadan, it would amount to £90)

What is Kaffarah?

Compensation that you should give if you deliberately miss or break a fast in the month of Ramadan without a valid reason. According to Islamic guidelines, if a person misses a day of fasting unnecessarily, he or she should either fast 60 days or feed 60 people. (To feed 60 needy people x £3 = £180 per fast)

Making up missed Ramadan fasts

If a person delays making up missed Ramadan fasts until the next Ramadan begins, then if that was for a reason such as sickness, pregnancy or breastfeeding and the like, then he or she does not have to do anything except make up the missed days. But if there was no excuse, then he or she has sinned and must make up the missed days, but does he or she have to pay a fidyah or not? The majority scholars view that the fidyah must be paid, and it is feeding one poor person two meals for every missed fast. The one who pays it in order to be on the safe side has done well.

Why people use Islam Freedom Services

5 Stars

Trustworthy and good service.

This is the first time ever I interacted with Islam Freedom Services. I had to pay my Zakatul Fitr after the moon had been sighted the night before Eid. I phoned them on the 0800 number and some brother answered the phone and advised me to pay my Fitra online. Payment was through Paypal and it was very easy and straight forward.

May Allah bless everyone involved in running this service.

Highly recommended.

5 Stars

I trust Islam Freedom to be genuine

I trust Islam Freedom to be genuine and they do care about what they offer to us 🙏 May Allah bless everyone and grant us highest heaven ameen ♥️

5 Stars

Easy to arranged for my son's Aqiqah

Just arranged for my son's Aqiqah. The process was really simple and included Sadaqah. This service has been really helpful for us as we have no family nearby who could help us arrange for the Aqiqah otherwise.

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