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Iftar and Sehri
Ramadan Iftar and Sehri Meals For Orphans and Needy Only £2
for 1 person each day
for 10 persons each day
for 30 persons full month
for 50 persons on each Friday
for 100 persons each day
for 150 persons on each Friday
Give Iftar and Sehri (Suhoor)
Pay £2 For Iftar and Sehri Meals For Orphans and Needy
Islam Freedom providing Iftar and Sehri (Suhoor) meals to the poor families all nights during Ramadan. Meals are mainly for the orphans, elderly and extreme poverty. Islam Freedom extends this reward to you by allowing you to sponsor Iftar and Sehri (Suhoor) Meals. On average, to cater for 1500 people Inshaa'Allah. You may sponsor a little as£2 each, £20 for 10 persons, £200 for 100 persons or whatever amount you are able to give towards Ramadan Iftar and Sehri (Suhoor). You can also gather a group of your friends or family to sponsor £300 for 150 persons on Friday. All admin fee included - View snapshots: Ifter and Sehri Photos
The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:
Whoever feeds a fasting person, it would be as if he fasted that day, and it would not decrease the reward of the other
Iftar and Sehri (Suhoor) Meals for the orphans, elderly and poverty
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